The REFLEXION (REsilient and FLEXible Infrastructure for Open Networking) project, started in February 2015, is an industrial research project that leans on the complementary technical expertise of the partners to bring (i) robustness and flexibility in NFV-SDN architectures, in particular to support critical services, and (ii) dynamicity and efficiency for the provisioning and the chaining of virtualized network functions.

On the first axis, REFLEXION investigates in particular network failure diagnosis and fault management for NFV in SDN so that services can keep operating in a seamless way, and distribution techniques to increase the robustness of the NFV control and management planes. The project also aims at providing methods to design robust virtual services taking into account the potential threats in the architecture and mitigation options.

REFLEXION also addresses NFV performance and dynamicity. Indeed, it is all the more crucial to measure the utilization of resources and the performances of the services in a virtualized environment (e.g., to avoid interferences between the different functions and instances). The project thus aims at proposing innovative metrology tools to passively monitor virtualized network functions with the lowest footprint. It also intends to provide new methods to provision, re-provision, or de-provision the low-level resources (CPU, RAM, I/O etc.) associated to a virtual machine to meet the performances required for the virtualized network functions within a server in order to meet the global service objectives. Finally, the project investigates, at the network-wide level, optimization techniques to dynamically (re-)allocate virtualized network functions and chain them so as to satisfy the tradeoff between QoS/QoE and network footprint.

Coordinator: Dr. Mathieu Bouet (mathieu.bouet at thalesgroup.com)

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